Light Zinc Stearate
Light Zinc Stearate

Item No: PZS201

Light Zinc Stearate

Item No: PZS201

Zinc stearate is insoluble in polar solvents but soluble in aromatic compounds and chlorinated hydrocarbons when heated. Its primary applications are found in the plastics and rubber industries, where it is utilized as a release agent and lubricant, allowing for easy combination with other materials. Zinc stearate is also used as an acid breaker and process aid in certain polyolefins. In the paint and coating industry, zinc stearate is employed to suspend pigments, enhance grinding capabilities, and improve opacity.

Within the construction industry, zinc stearate serves as a hydrophobic agent for gypsum. It imparts desirable properties to the final product, including a smooth surface, low friction, high resolution, and thermal stability. It is particularly suitable for PS crystalline grade impact ability and other transparent polymers such as PE, PS, PVC, SMC, and BMC.


·         Plastics and Rubber Industries: Acts as a release agent and lubricant.

·         Cosmetics and Personal Care Products: Prevents clumping and improves texture.

·         Pharmaceuticals: Functions as an anti-adherent and flow aid.

·         Powder Coatings: Enhances flow and adhesion properties.

·         Paints and Coatings: Acts as a dispersing and matting agent.

·         Paper and Cardboard Industry: Functions as a lubricant and anti-blocking agent.

·         Other Applications: Adhesives, textiles, printing inks, and building materials.

Light zinc stearate and white color with uniform granulation and can be changed according to the order for different industries



Colour White
Appearance Powder
Metal Content % 11
Ash content % 11-13
Free fatty acid % Max 0.6
Water content % Max 2
Melting Point ℃ 120
Bulk Density g/l 150
Application Rubber - plastic - cosmetics


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